Leigh Fisher, DevDevi
Web Designer | Front-end Developer | UI/UX Engineer

Home Grown Code

in Austin, TX

Design + Code Where art meets technology

Many find it odd that I am a yoga teacher turned web developer, but I have always been drawn to practices that are equal parts art and science, and coding to me was a natural progression. I first got the coding bug when I wanted to create a website for my yoga business, but none of the quick and easy web services out there would cut it. So I taught myself to design in WordPress and enjoyed doing it so much, I wanted to keep learning. After learning on my own and coding out a few simple projects, I looked for deeper study opportunities. I enrolled in the UT Austin Full-Stack Web Development Program, which I completed in July of 2017. My work as an interdisciplinary theater artist has given me a keen eye for design and the ability to make something really cool with little time and even less money. I excel at fusing my design abilites with technical problem solving skills and when I'm stuck on a coding problem, I channel my inner Hermione and hit the books (or the Googles) until it's solved.

Do you have a project you've been itching to work on? Connect with me, and let's make some magic.

Mad Skills:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, Bootstrap, Wireframing, UI Engineering, Web Design

Unique Skills I bring to the table

Project Management, Customer Service, Event Planning, Video Production and Editing, e-Newsletter Design, Social Media Management, Scheduling, Creative Writing, UX Research, HR Management